Stephanie Marie Phillips (née Turner) is a newly married step-mother. Fun used to mean spending time with her girlfriends drinking wine and talking about shoes. Now only her 14-year-old stepdaughter, Gabby, wants to hear about the shoes – mainly because she wants to borrow them. Stephanie is a career-driven food blogger and party girl, who loves being married to her new husband, Charlie, and step-mom to his three kids. But being a step-mom means finding a balance between being a mother, a friend, and a wife, all while maintaining a sense of self. She has no biological children, only stepchildren, just 1 stepdaughter, an older stepson, and younger stepson. Sometimes Steph's life can get very difficult, but she tries her hardest to be positive.

She is portrayed by Tia Mowry.


  • When she wants the kids to do something and they don't want to, she persuades her husband to tell them to do it, taunting him with sex.
  • She owns a school girl outfit.
  • She also owns a cheerleader outfit. In the episode where Gabby brings this up, Charlie changes the subject awkwardly, suggesting it may be used as a sex prop.
  • She loves peonies.
  • Her name is the female version of Stephen.
  • She likes to get involved in her step-children's school activities.
  • She never listens to her mother.
  • Sometimes she can be a very bad advisor. Most of the time her advice is opposite to Charlie's.
  • She was similar to Gabby when she was a teenager.
  • She is usually strict with her step-kids, mostly punish them often. Especially Gabby who is mostly like her when she was a teenager. Talk about being a hypocrite.


Season One

  1. Pilot
  2. The Lying Game
  3. Harp & Soul
  4. Forty-Two Inches of Pure Evil
  5. Not a Date
  6. Rock Mom
  7. Dances with She-Wolves
  8. In Blog We Trust
  9. The Gift of the Maggies
  10. Staycation
  11. Babysit This
  12. Dine Hard
  13. True Romance
  14. A Kids' Choice
  15. Chore Money, Chore Problems
  16. Requiem for Mr. Floppity
  17. Buy Any Jeans Necessary
  18. Distant Mom
  19. Camp Fear
  20. Not Your Mother's Day
  21. The Last Auction Hero
  22. 48 Hours
  23. Should Old Acquaintance Be for Hire

Season Two

  1. Sanders Again
  2. An Egg by Any Other Name
  3. Gabby's Game Boy
  4. Children of the Candy Corn
  5. Teacher's Pest
  6. James Goes Pro
  7. Drill Team
  8. Popular Mechanics
  9. Not Full House
  10. How You Bike Me Now
  11. My Stupid Sweet Sixteen
  12. Yelly Monster
  13. Ain't Misbehavin' or Else
  14. Instant Prom
  15. Don't Worry, Be Maggie
  16. Ghost Busted

Season Three

  1. Fear Factor
  2. Mysteries of Maggie
  3. Ship of Fool
  4. No Retreat, No Surrender
  5. Bawamo Shazam
  6. Driving Ms. Crazy
  7. Basket Case
  8. Turning a Blind Eye
  9. Thumper for President
  10. Bag Lady
  11. Off the Hook
  12. Jamal in the Family
  13. Friendly Fire
  14. Two Guys and a Gabby
  15. Crimes of Fashion
  16. Smarty Bowl
  17. S-A-Tease
  18. International Incident
  19. Yoot There It Is
  20. Walk Like a Boy
  21. Dollar Sign
  22. Bug Out
  23. Playa Hata
  24. Hourly Rage
  25. Gone Batty
  26. Ain't Over Till It's Over

Appearances: 65/65

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